Frequently asked Questions
Who is Jordan Hospital Medical College and where is it located?
The Jordan Medical College is a mid-level tertiary institution founded in 2019. It is located in Kitui town, Kitui County. The college is an affiliate of The Jordan Hospital which has a capacity of 100 beds.Jordan Hospital will be the main teaching hospital for the health related courses. It is well equipped with the right equipment and human resource to provide suitable clinical placement site for our trainees. JMC will be working closely with major teaching hospitals both public and private to ensure that it provides a truly world class medical education.
What are the courses that Jordan Hospital Medical College offers?
We offer both Certificate and Diploma courses in: Perioperative Theatre Technology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Health Records with IT, Community Health Assistant & a Certificate in Health Service Support.
How can I apply to join Jordan Hospital Medical College?
We have an interactive Website where all our applicants can easily submit their applications and promptly receive Admission upon successful review. Click to apply.
How much is the tuition fee?
Our tuition fees are relatively affordable as we seek to empower all our students with requisite and quality knowledge in Health Care.
How do I get admitted at Jordan Hospital Medical College?
Upon successful submission and review of applications, applicants are issued with respective admission letters detailing date of reporting.
Does the college secure attachments/internships for its students?
Yes, Jordan Hospital Medical College offers you a real-life learning experience obtained through working on-site in our Hospital Facility giving you the best internship/practicum experience.
Are our courses government accredited? By which government body?
We are accredited by TVET as well as other examining bodies like KNDI.
Does Jordan Hospital medical college offer accommodation? At how much?
We provide best accommodation services and catering for all our students at affordable fees.


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