1. Demonstrate acquisition of the requisite basic knowledge on HIV/AIDS and other relevant health i.e. sexual and reproductive health etc.
2. Demonstrate acquisition of sufficient progressive attitudes through self-awareness and personal development to offer quality HTS to all clients.
3. Demonstrate the ability to use counselling and communication skills in the provision of HTS as per the National HTS guidelines and other relevant national and international policy
documents, guidelines and standards.
4. Demonstrate knowledge of the services that comprise and support comprehensive HIV care.
5. Apply the acquired knowledge and skills on psychosocial issues in HIV/ AIDS to provide effective services to clients according to the HTS guidelines.
6. Demonstrate ability to use appropriate HTS Protocols to provide services to clients/patients as per the National HTS guidelines.
7. Acquire (attain) knowledge and skills to carry out HIV testing procedures as per the stipulated standard operating procedures (SOPs) in Kenya.
8. Accurately record and report HTS processes as per the national HTS guidelines.

  • Course Duration: 3 weeks
  • Exam Body: NASCOP
  • Certificate in any health-related course

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